SK water monitoring with calibration sources+




·     <ID> Korean light injector

o  All plots of Korean light injector

·     <ID> UK light injector

o  UK LI monitoring for Gd-loading 

o  UK LI monitoring

o  UK top diffuser

·     <ID> TBA analysis with AutoXe and Nickel

·     <OD> Bottom OD laser light source



·     <ID> “Waterjob”

o  Waterjob Gd

o  Regular Waterjob

o  Attenuation curve for each run

o  Sum10

·     <OD> Bottom OD water monitoring


SK water team’s monitoring page

·     ID water temperature [z>0] [z<0]

·     ID & OD water temperature

·     ID Low-E event rate

·     SK water sampling results (AAS)