Super-K 360 panoramic view

Around Kamioka Observatory

  • Research building (from the south)
  • Research building (from the north)
  • Letters of nameplate written by Hiroyuki Yoshikawa, the 25th president of University of Tokyo
  • Mozumi bus stop
  • Dormitory (from the former Higashi Mozumi Station)
  • Mozumi village
  • Mozumi ground
  • Research building
  • Mt. Ikeno (Summer)
  • Mt. Ikeno (Spring)
  • Mt. Ikeno (Summer)
  • Mt. Ikeno (Autumn)
  • Mt. Ikeno (Winter)
  • Mine entrance (in heavy snow)
  • Road to the mine entrance
  • Entering a mine by trolley (due to a snow slide)
  • Inside the mine 1
  • Inside the mine 2
  • Inside the mine 3

Super-Kamiokande, Exploring the Secrets of Elementary Particles and the Universe 2014, 18min

SUPER-KAMIOKANDE Construction Notes
25min, (c)1996 ICRR, University of Tokyo

Super-Kamiokande (In Japanese)
18min、(c)2006 ICRR, University of Tokyo

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