Nobel Week Report


The Nobel Week, a series of celebration events for Kajita-san’s Nobel Prize in Physics, was held from December 6th to 12th, 2015 in Stockholm.
It began with the donation of Super-Kamiokande photomultipliers to the Nobel Museum on Dec. 6th and continued with the Nobel Lecture on the 8th, the Nobel Reception on the 9th, and the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony and Nobel Banquet on the 10th. About ten researchers from the Super-Kamiokande collaboration were invited to the celebration events and shared the delightful experience.
Super-Kamiokande is an international collaboration with about 120 physicists. As was stated by Kajita-san in his Nobel Lecture, the efforts of all of these people, especially those of the young researchers’, were indispensable for this great achievement.

We will continue to improve Super-Kamiokande for future discoveries.
We would appreciate your continued cooperation.

Details of the Nobel Week is reported at the commemorative website for Director Takaaki Kajita’s selection as a recipient of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics
Please enjoy the page.


Masayuki Nakahata
Spokesperson, Super-Kamiokande Collaboration