Change of the Director of the Kamioka Observatory


On April 1, 2022, Prof. Masayuki Nakahata, former director of the Kamioka Observatory,  became the director of the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, and Prof. Masato Shiozawa succeeded him as the new director of the Kamioka Observatory.

Message from the new director of the Kamioka Observatory

Retirement message from Prof. Nakahata

I will succeed Prof. Takaaki Kajita as the director of the ICRR from April 2022. I will work primarily in the Kashiwa Campus of the University of Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture. However, I will continue to conduct the experiments at Kamioka Underground facilities, such as Super-Kamiokande, so I will come back to Kamioka from time to time to do my research. Thank you for your continuous support.

Message from the new director of the ICRR