• [2022/07/01]
    Construction staffs at the center of the cavern dome
  • [2022/06/23]
    The tunnel excavation has reached the center of the cavern dome
  • [2022/05/10]
    The first branch of the approach tunnels2
  • [2022/04/19]
    The first branch of the approach tunnels
  • [2021/06/07]
    Status of excavation of the access tunnel on June 7 where shotcrete application is in progress.
  • [2021/05/13]
    The access tunnel entrance (front view)
  • [2021/05/06]
    The access tunnel entrance where the tunnel supporting work is in progress.
  • [2021/05/06]
    The access tunnel entrance when the excavation has just started.
  • The new photosensors developed for HK
  • The “HK center” mark is found at the ceiling near the dead end
  • The adit to investigate the geological survey of the Hyper-Kamiokande dome
  • The boring which penetrates through the planned position of the cavern for the investigation of its neighborhood.
  • Schematic image of Hyper-Kamiokande detector
  • Illustration of Hyper-Kamiokande detector
  • Rock sample taken from a soil survey at the proposed Hyper-Kamiokande site. The rock consists mainly of homogeneous hard gneiss and Inishi migmatite and is suitable for the excavation of a large cavern.
  • Illustration of proton decay

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