Higashi-Mozumi 456, Kamioka-cho, Hida-city Gifu 506-1205, Japan
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From JR Toyama Station

Train and Bus
Take the JR Takayama Line train and get off at “Inotani (猪谷)”. It takes about 50 minutes or 35 minutes by a limited express “Tokkyuu-Hida”(特急ひだ). From Inotani Station bus stop, take a 10-minutes bus ride to “Mozumi” bus stop.

Please make sure the train & bus timetable.

From Toyama Airport

Take a bus to JR Toyama Station. Then see above from Toyama Station.

Bus time table from Toyama Station or Inotani Station is here.

Around Kamioka Observatory


  • Some bus services are suspended on 13-15 Aug and 29 Dec-3 Jan.
  • JR services are listed only for those that are well connected to the buses. For detailed schedules, please refer to the station timetables. The train and bus timetables below may have been revised. Please check the Takayama Line website and other websites for the latest information.

About Bus types

  • N: Nohi-bus (200 yen for Inotani Station-Mozumi)

Bus Timetable  (from 1 April 2022)