Radon free air system

There is wpe7.gif (697 ?o?C?g)60cm space between the surface of the water and the top of the water tank. Radon gas contaminated in the air in the gap could dissolve in the water. Radon free air is sent to this region. The concentration of radon in the air is shown in Fig 1. It is of the order of 10 wpe7.gif (697 ?o?C?g) 103 Bq/m. It changes seasonally because the flow of air in the mine changes.

airradon.gif (6161 ?o?C?g)

Figure 1:

The radon concentration in the air at various positions as a function of time.

Fig 2 shows the radon free air system. This system consists of the following components.

Air is compressed to 7.0 wpe7.gif (697 ?o?C?g) 8.5 atm.
0.3wpe9.gif (804 ?o?C?g) air filter
Buffer tank
Air drier:
To remove moisture in the gas to improve the efficiency of removing radon. This system can remove wpeA.gif (871 ?o?C?g) in the gas as well.
Carbon column:
To remove radon gas.
0.1wpe9.gif (804 ?o?C?g) and 0.01wpe9.gif (804 ?o?C?g) air filter

As shown in Fig 1, the concentration of radon in the air through this system is reduced to the order of wpeB.gif (1191 ?o?C?g) in all seasons.

radonfree.gif (8652 ?o?C?g)

Figure 2:

The radon free air system.



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