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Wellcome to the SK event world. We will proudly show you some colorful Muon events caught on the fly from our Online Event Display Program. Please do not let these Muons fool you: The arrow they sometimes spray on the wall for us points against the direction of their travel.

The event display is organized as follows: The cylindrical geometry of the detector is unfolded by cutting open the top and the bottom of the can and then unrolling the barrel into the display. Center stage takes a display of the inner detector (ID) with its 11146 20inch photomultiplier tubes. The colored dots in outlines of the unfolded cylinder visualize information on which tubes got hit in the event on display. Two modes are possible: Color can either encode the charge (Q) registered at that particular tube or the time (T) when the tube was hit. Which mode of display was chosen for the particular event you are looking at can be determined from the entry "Current:" in the upper left corner of the display. Below it you find more printed information on that current event. In the upper right corner of the display you find the corresponding information for the outer detector (OD).

Some through going muon events to look at:
Muon with electromagnetic interaction ,
edge clipping Muon,
double Muon in T and in Q display mode,
and a triple Muon event.

Another interesting class of events are the stopping Muons. Here we show you some of these where we happened to catch the Muon's decay Electron by just watching the online event display. Please note the entry for "Time Diff" in the Electron event (time difference to previous event) and that the event numbers of Muon and Electron event are always sequential:
Stopping Muons: 1Q , 1T , 2 , 3Q , 3T
Decay Electrons: 1 , 2 , 3

Well, the show is over for today. But cry no tears : SK is up and running and will soon present you with some marvellous physics on top of these beautiful pictures!

Last updated: 8/09/28