• 2016/1/18

    XMASS Official Website Renewal

    Our webiste has been renewed. We appreciate your continuous support.

  • 2015/9/7

    Direct Dark Matter Search by Annual Modulation

    The XMASS experiment conducted a search for dark matter by means of the annual modulation caused by the earth’s rotation around the sun. The data used for this analysis was accumulated between November-2013 and March-2015.

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    The XMASS-I has ruled out the possibility that superweakly interacting massive bosonic particles consititute all of dark matter.

    This result was published in September 19th issue of Physical Review Letters as an Editors’ Suggestion.

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    XMASS Refurbishment

    XMASS is an experiment to search for dark matter in the Universe with large mass of liquid xenon. Various astrophysical observations show the existence of dark matter in the Universe, but its nature is not revealed yet. As the interaction between dark matter and ordinary matter is very rare, it is indispensable for a detector to be very clean and very low-background. Considerable efforts were taken at the construction of the XMASS to minimize the background from all the detector materials.