Progress of the Super-Kamiokande refurbishment work

Since June 1st, 2018, Super-Kamiokande has been conducting work to refurbish the detector, including water containment reinforcement, replacement of defective photomultiplier tubes, and improvement of piping inside the tank. By the end of August the work in the barrel region of the tank had been completed; work in the bottom region is currently underway. Work in the bottom will continue until the middle of October, after which we will supply ultrapure water to the tank. Physics observation will be restarted in early January, 2019.

Progress and future plans

May 31, 2018: end of Super-K-IV data-taking

  • 1 June to 22 June: PMT replacement work on the top of the tank, water containment reinforcement work at the top of the side, piping augmentation work at the top of the tank etc.
  • 23 June to 27 August: While lowering the water level of the tank in two meter steps, conducted waterproof reinforcement work on the side of the tank, PMT replacement work in the barrel
  • 28 August: Remove the last of the tank water, start to prepare the waterproof reinforcement work at the bottom
  • 29 August to mid-October: Waterproof reinforcement work at the bottom, piping augmentation work, PMT replacement work
  • Mid-October to the end of December: Supply ultrapure water to the tank
  • Early January, 2019: Restart of observation
  • Next year or the year after: Dissolve Gd in Super-K to a concentration of 0.01% while coordinating with the operation period (beam-on schedule) of the T2K experiment
Inside of the tank, September 6, 2018

Photos and videos of Super-K refurbishment work


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