Professor Takaaki Kajita of ICRR Awarded the Order of Culture and designated a Person of Cultural Merit


Based on his continued research with Super-Kamiokande, Professor Takaaki Kajita of ICRR has been awarded the Order of Culture and designated as a Person of Cultural Merit.

The Order of Culture is awarded to persons who have made remarkable achievements in developing and improving scientific technology and culture in Japan, while the designation of Person of Cultural Merit is bestowed on those who have made significant contributions to the development and enrichment of Japanese culture. These awards are among the highest honors conferred in the nation.

Professor Kajita received these awards for the discovery of neutrino oscillations and subsequent demonstration of the neutrino's mass using Super-Kamiokande. The award ceremony for the Order of Culture was held at the Imperial Palace on November 3rd, 2015 and the ceremony for the Person of Cultural Merit citation was held at the Hotel Okura, Tokyo the following day.


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