Professor Masato Shiozawa Received the Totsuka Prize


ICRR Professor Masato Shiozawa has been awarded the 2015 Yoji Totsuka prize together with ProfessorKobayashi Takashi of KEK and Professor Tsuyoshi Nakaya of Kyoto University for the discovery of the appearance of electron neutrinos ina beam of muon neutrinos.

Among the parameters that determine neutrino oscillations, the large mixing angles Theta23 and Theta12 have already been discovered by observations of atmospheric neutrino and solar neutrino data at Super-Kamiokande. The T2K experiment determined for the first time that the last mixing angle, Theta13, has a finite value by observing this electron neutrino appearance. The award ceremony will be held on March 21st (Saturday) at the University of Tokyo's "Koshiba Hall."

Upon receiving the award Professor Shiozawa described his ambitions going forward explaining that, "This award recognizes the results of T2K and in that sense I am extremely pleased. I think it provides impetus to further advance neutrino physics research in Japan and I intend to devote myself to those efforts. We now know that the mixing angle Theta13 is nonzero and we have thereby learned that it is possible to address the subject of neutrino CP violation, so we are now advancing analysis of experiments to observe the differences between neutrinos and antineutrinos."

Professor Shiozawa started as a student at the University of Tokyo Institute for Cosmic Ray Research's Kamioka Observatory in 1995 and received his doctorate in the year 2000. He later became assistant professor in 2004, then associate professor in 2007, and has been advancing the Super-Kamiokande and T2K experiment as well as leading efforts towards the future experiment, Hyper-Kamiokande, as full professor since 2014.

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