Outline of the Detector

Electronics Huts

In the four huts on the water tank, the electronics system which read out the information of the signal sent from the photo-multiplier-tubes and the high voltage power supplies are located.
A high voltage of about 2000 volts is supplied to each PMTs. The signals from about 13,000 PMTs are sent to the electronics system in four electronics huts via 70m cables.


This electronics system digitalizes the analog signals of PMTs and obtains the charge information and timing information of detected photon.




This electronics system digitizes the analogue information about the amount of detected charge and the hit timing from PMTs. In September 2008, the data acquisition system of Super-Kamiokande has been updated for the first time since the Super-Kamiokande started the observation. New system has recorded all the hits of each PMT which hits about 4,500 a second for analysis. The stored data size in a day becomes as much as 500GB.

Outline of the Detector