Super-K Sub-dominant Oscillations Paper χ2 Maps

The link below is a zipped tar archive of text files specifying the complete chi squared map from the one mass scale dominant three-flavor oscillation analysis in Phys. Rev. D81, 092004 (2010). Two text files are included:

Normal Hierarchy Map :
Inverted Hierarchy Map :

Normal and Inverted Hiearchy maps [ .tgz ]

Both files in the archive contains a header with a brief description of the file. Each line in the header begins with a '#.' All other lines in the file are part of a four column list separated by whitespace. The four columns are:

Δ m^2 [eV^2] sin^2 θ 23 sin^2 θ 13 χ^2

Each triplet of oscillation parameters corresponds to the center of a bin used to make the plots in the reference above. The bins are evenly spaced in each direction, with Δ m^2 evenly spaced in the logarithm. Also note that in the 1- and 2-dimensional plots parameters that are not shown have been minimized over.