The Third Bulletin of
The 5th Workshop on "Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin" 

Enclosed please find the last information before the NOON2004 workshop.
If you have any questions related to the workshop, please feel free to send
e-mail to .

Have a nice trip to Tokyo !
We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Best Regards,
Local Organizing committee members of NOON2004


1. Access to your hotel and workshop site
we have updated the information about the access to the hotels and workshop
site. Please look at

The room where the workshop is held is "Seminar room 2" at the 2nd floor of
the "Time 24 bldg.".

2. Registration
The registration desk will be open 15:00-20:00 on Feb.10 and from 8:30
on Feb.11 at the workshop site (i.e. at "Time 24" Building).
Because the desk may become very busy on Feb.11., it is highly recommended to
register on Feb.10.
The registration fee, which will be used for refreshments, workshop dinner,
proceedings and so on is 20,000 Japanese yen. We only accept Japanese yen
in cash.

3. Workshop Schedule
Tuesday Feb.-10 Registration(15:00-20:00)
Wednesday Feb.-11 Session day-I Registration(8:30-)
Welcome Reception
Thursday Feb.-12 Session day-II
Friday Feb.-13 Session day-III (AM only) PM: Self-Guided Tour
Saturday Feb.-14 Session day-IV Banquet
Sunday Feb.-15 Session day-V and closing

4. Scientific Program
Latest program for the workshop is available on the workshop website:
We will upload presented slides to our home page as soon as possible.

5. Weather in Tokyo
The temperature is around 2 degree centigrade in morning and around 10 degree
in daytime. It is recommended to bring winter clothes.

6. Reception and Banquet
We are planning to have a reception and a banquet during the workshop
Reception: Restaurant Seagull (11th floor, Time24 building)
Banquet: Positive Deli (3rd floor, Mediage building)
Please bring your name tag with you to identify you are the participant
of our workshop.

7. Network connection
We will prepare three desktop computers for e-mail and web,
and WiFi wireless LAN + DHCP for laptop computers at the workshop site.
Several 100BaseTX/10BaseT LAN ports & cables + DHCP
will be also available.

8. How to contact us from Feb.10 to 15(telephone and facsimile)
If you want to contact us during the workshop, please call or send fax to
Tel: +81-90-3762-9474 (090-3762-9474 for domestic call)
Fax: +81-3-5531-0025 (03-5531-0025 for domestic call, from Feb.11- to Feb.-15)

9. Further Information
Further questions and special requests can be addressed to the wokshop
| E-mail: |
| |
| The Workshop on "Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin" |
| Kamioka Observatory, ICRR, Univ. of Tokyo |
| Higashi-mozumi, Kamioka-cho, Yoshiki-gun, Gifu, Japan, 506-1205 |
| Tel: +81-90-3762-9474 (available even in workshop period) |
| Fax: +81-578-5-2121 (before Feb.-9 or after Feb.-16) |
| Fax: +81-3-5531-0025 (from Feb.11- to Feb.-15) |
| E-mail: |
| homepage: |

This workshop is partially supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
on Priority Areas (A) "Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin" and
by the 21st Century COE Program "Symmetries in Extreme Quantum Systems."


Posted on Feb. 6, 2004