The Second Bulletin of
The 5th Workshop on "Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin" 

|| The 5th Workshop on "Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin" ||
|| ---- NOON2004 ---- ||

1. General Information

The 5th International Workshop on Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin
(NOON2004) will be held at Time24 bldg., Tokyo Waterfront City, Tokyo, Japan,
from February 11th to February 15th of 2004.

Information about the workshop is available on the workshop website:

Registration for the workshop should be done via the workshop home page.
The deadline for the registration is Jan. 24, 2004.
Attendance of this workshop will be limitted to 100 participants.
The registration fee, which will be used for refreshments, workshop dinner,
proceedings and so on, is 20,000 Japanese yen. You are kindly requested to pay
registration fee at the workshop site. We only accept Japanese yen in cash.

A block of rooms have been reserved at some hotels in Tokyo for foreign
participants. Accommodation for the foreign participants can be done by
the workshop home page. For domestic participants, please arrange your hotel
by yourself.

2. Preliminary Workshop Schedule

Tuesday Feb. 10 Registration
Wednesday Feb. 11 Session day-I Welcome Reception
Thursday Feb. 12 Session day-II
Friday Feb. 13 Session day-III Self-Guided Tour
Saturday Feb. 14 Section day-IV Banquet
Sunday Feb. 15 Section day-V and closing

Preliminary scientific program can be found in the next section.

3. Preliminary Scientific Schedule

***** 11-Feb. (Wed) *****

SK solar neutrino K. Ishihara(ICRR)
SNO K. Graham (Queen's)
KamLAND S. Freedman (LBL)
Uncertainties in solar-neutrino source reactions
-Theoretical study of S17 by using inverse 8B-breakup reactions -
M. Kamimura (Kyusyu)
Helioseismology H. Shibahashi (Tokyo)
Solar neutrino road map C. Pena-Garay (IAS)
Future solar neutrino experiments M. Nakahata
High mass indium detector for Low energy solar neutrinos R. Raghavan (Bell Labs)
SK atmospheric neutrino C. Saji (ICRR)
Future atmospheric neutrino experiments T. Kajita (ICRR)
Atmospheric neutrino flux P. Lipari (Roma)
Galactic cosmic-ray (proton) fluxes up to 500 TeV S. Haino (Tokyo)
Atmospheric cosmic-ray muons, protons, and antiprotons T. Sanuki (Tokyo)
K2K T. Ishii (KEK)
Global analysis of neutrino oscillation M. C. Gonzalez-Garcia (YITP, SUNY, Stony Brook)

***** 12-Feb. (Thu.) *****

Neutrino-nucleus cross sections: Measurements vs. calculations P. Vogel (Caltech)
Neutrino interaction at K2K Y. Hayato (KEK)
miniBOONE J. Raaf (Cincinnati)
JHFnu (Accelerator) T. Kobayashi(KEK)
JHFnu (Physics issue) Y. Itow (ICRR)
MINOS D. Petyt (Minnesota)
NuMI off axis + Acc Plan TBA
OPERA M. Nakamura (Nagoya)
LBL phenomenology TBA
Reactor (CHOOZ II, Europe, Russia) TBA
Reactor (US) K. Heeger (LBL)
Reactor (Japan) F. Suekane (Tohoku)
Towards exploring Ue3 O. Yasuda (Tokyo Metropolitan)

***** 13-Feb. (Feb.) *****
Current status and future prospects of neutrino direct mass experiments C. Kraus (Mainz)
Present status and future of double beta decay experiments F. T. Avignone III (South Carolina)
N-Matrix element O. Civitarese (La Plate)
Germanium experiment TBA
CANDLES I. Ogawa (Osaka)
NEMO F. Piquemal (CENBG)
Majorana phase S. Pascoli (UCLA)

***** 14-Feb. (Sat.) *****

Review of recent progress in supernova burst simulation W. R. Hix (Tennessee)
SN neutrino oscillation K. Sato (Tokyo)
Supernova Relic Neutrino Backgrounds M. Kaplinghat (UC Davis)
Detection of SN neutrinos M. Vagins (UCI)
Dark Matter: WIMP-nucleus scattering G. Prezeau (Caltech)
Review of Dark Matter experiments TBA
DAMA P. Belli (Rome2)
Acoustic measurement TBA
Directional Measurement H. Sekiya (Tokyo)
Dark Matter: the clues from supernovae and the neutrino oscillations A. Kusenko (UCLA)

***** 15-Feb. (Sun.) *****

Recent Topics of Particle Cosmology M. Kawasaki (Tokyo)
Models of maximal atmospheric neutrino mixing and leptogenesis W. Grimus (Viena)
Texture Zeros and CP-violating Phases in the Neutrino Mass Matrix Z. Xing (IHEP)
Neutrino mixing patterns and its implications for charged lepton rare decays and CP violation K. S. Babu (Oklahoma)
B physics, Hg EDM, and Lepton Flavor Violation in SUSY models Y. Shimizu (Tohoku)
The MEG experiment: Study of the origin of neutrino mass by searching for LFV in charged leptons T. Mori (ICEPP)
Summary A. Y. Smirnov (ICTP, Trieste)

5. Contributed Papers
If you are going to submit a contribution paper, an abstract must be submitted by
Dec. 25 2003.
You can submit your abstract via workshop home page.
6. Important Dates and Deadline
Deadline for contribution paper, abstract: December 25. 2003
Deadline for contribution paper: January 15. 2004
Deadline for registration: January 24, 2004

7. Further Information
The workshop website at will be
updated as information becomes available. Further questions and special
requests can be addressed to the workshop secretariat:

| E-mail: |
| The Workshop on "Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin" |
| Kamioka Observatory, ICRR, Univ. of Tokyo |
| Higashi-mozumi, Kamioka-cho, Yoshiki-gun, Gifu, Japan, 506-1205 |
| Fax: +81-578-5-2121 |
| E-mail: |
| homepage: |

This workshop is partially supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
on Priority Areas (A) "Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin" and
by the 21st Century COE Program "Symmetries in Extreme Quantum Systems."

Posted on Dec. 22, 2003