The Second Bulletin of
The 4th Workshop on "Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin" 

Enclosed please find the 2nd circular of the "International Workshop
on Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin", which will be held at
Ishikawa Kousei-Nenkin Kaikan, Kanazawa, Japan, on 10th through 14th February,

Best Regards,
Yoichiro Suzuki
Chairman of NOON2003
Kamioka observatory, ICRR, Univ. of Tokyo

|| The 4th Workshop on "Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin" ||
|| ---- NOON2003 ---- ||

|| 2nd circular ||

1. General Information

The 4th International Workshop on Neutrino Oscillations and their Origin
(NOON2003) will be held at Ishikawa Kousei-Nenkin Kaikan, Kanazawa, Japan,
from February 10th to February 14th of 2003.

Information about the workshop is available on the workshop website:

Registration for the workshop should be done via the workshop home page.
The deadline for the registration is Jan. 10, 2003.
The registration fee, which will be used for refreshments, workshop dinner,
proceedings and so on is 20,000 Japanese yen. You are kindly requested to pay
registration fee at the workshop site. We only accept Japanese yen in cash.

A block of rooms have been reserved at some hotels in Kanazawa for foreign
participants. Accommodation for the foreign participants can be done by
the workshop home page. For domestic participants, please arrange your hotel
by yourself.

If you are going to submit a contribution paper, an abstract must be submitted
by Dec. 31, 2002. You can submit your abstract via our home page.

2. Scientific Topics

As a 4th workshop, we have a stress on the following subjects through
a set of invited talks and contribution paper talks:
1) Overview of the current status neutrino oscillation experiments
2) Overview of status of the theoretical study of neutrino mixing and mass
3) Future prospects of neutrino oscillations study
4) Study on double beta decay
We further include those subjects:
5) Constraints on the sterile neutrinos from the experimental data
6) mu->e-gamma and lepton flavor violation
7) Proton decays, GUT, leptogenesis
9) Astrophysical neutrinos, neutrinos from supernovae
and other related subjects.

In this workshop, we bring experimentalists and theorists together and discuss
about those subjects.

3. Preliminary Workshop Schedule

Sunday Feb.-9 Registration
Monday Feb.-10 Session day-I Welcome Reception
Tuesday Feb.-11 Session day-II
Wednesday Feb.-12 Session day-III Self-Guided Tour
Thursday Feb.-13 Session day-IV Bunquet
Friday Feb.-14 Session day-V and closing

Preliminary scientific program can be found in the next section.

4. Preliminary Scientific Program (*: to be confirmed)

KamLand Results K.Inoue
Super-K Solar neutrinos TBA
SNO Results M.Chen
Astrophysics of the sun A.Gruzinov
Does the sun shine by pp or CNO? C.Gonzalez-Garcia
Borexino & Future LE solar n S.Shoenert
Complehensive analysis of solar and reactor neutrino data E.Lisi
Global aspect of neutrino oscillation phenomenology C.Gonzalez-Garcia
Does 4 neutrino model survive? T.Schwetz
Neutrino Physics after KamLAND A.Y.Smirnov

*****11-Feb (Wed)*****
Results in K2K and future T.Kobayashi*
First results from mini-BOONE E.Zimmerman
Status of MINOS M.Messier
Status of ICURUS A.Ereditato
NUMI-Off Axis beam S.Wojcicki*
JHFnu (phase I) neutrino oscillation experiment A.Ichikawa*
Reactor experiment for theta13 measurements F.Suekane
HLMA for theta13 T.Lasserre
CPV in JHFnu (phase II) TBA
Prameter degeneracy: overview S.Parke
Parameter degeneracy and e tau A.Donini
Parameter degeneracy and reactor O.Yasuda
Study of neutrino interaction for neutrino oscillations M.Sakuda*
Initial Results from HARP TBA

*****12-Feb (Tue)*****
Atmospheric neutrinos TBA
Results from L3+C & CosmoLEP P. Le Coultre
The calculation of atmospheric neutrino flux G.Battistoni*
A measurement of ?, p and He energy spectra at the small K.Abe
atmospheric depth
Progress in analysis of high energy primary cosmic-ray S.Haino
spectra measured in BESS-02

Heidelberg-Moskow H.V.Klapdor
NEMO S.Jullian
Double beta decay constraint H.Sugiyama
EXO G.Gratta*
Cosmological bounds on neutrino oscillations A.Dolgov
Recent progresses in understanding of Supernova neutrino properties G.Raffelt
Neutrino Flavor conversion inside and outside supernova C.Lunardini
Detectors, future detection of SN M.Vagins
Review of DM theory TBA
Review of the DM search B.Sadoulet*

Special Lecture M.Koshiba
m->eg。ハMEG。ヒ D.Nicolo
m->e conversion A. Van der Shaaf
LFV and SUSY。。GUT Y.Shimizu
Problem of GUTs T.Kugo
Ue3 models M.Bando/M.Tanimoto
Leptogenesis W.Buchmuler*
Title to be announced M.Yamaguchi
Experimental review of PD TBA
Theoretical review of PD J.Hisano
Prospects TBA

5. Important Dates and Deadlines

Deadline for contribution paper December 31, 2002
Deadline for registration January 10, 2003

6. Further Information

The workshop website at will be
updated as information becomes available. Further questions and special
requests can be addressed to the wokshop secretariat:

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Posted on Dec. 22, 2002