Other Information


Proceedings of the workshop will be published. Instructions on the proceedings will be sent to speakers as soon as it is available.

Weather in Kashiwa

The temperature in daytime may change around 10 degrees centigrade.


We are planning to prepare the following devices:
    WiFi wireless LAN + DHCP for laptop
    Several 100BaseTX/10BaseT LAN ports & cables + DHCP for laptop
    A few terminals for e-mail and web


Those who intend to use slides or PowerPoint in their talk need to inform us before the workshop starts.


A map around JR Kashiwa station is available here. Another map in English is also available here (PDF 9MB).

Telephone & FAX number

During conference, the telephone and FAX numbers are the following:

    phone: +81-471-36-5113  (0471-36-5113)
    fax:      +81-471-36-3126  (0471-36-3126)


In the weekend, all banks in Japan are closed except in the airport. It should be noticed that there are not so many places which accept credit cards. People need to have a certain amount of cash.


We are planning to have a reception and a banquet during the two conferences.

reception:    Dec. 4 evening in Kashiwa campus   (about 3000 yen/person)
banquet:      Dec. 7 evening around Kashiwa station  (about 6000 yen/person)

Please tell us your current interest through the registration form. We will confirm later.

Support for domestic travel

We could support domestic travel expenses of limited number of participants who cannot obtain such support from other sources. Please contact xenon01@suketto.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp to learn more about this support.