Purpose of the Workshop

As a pre-conference of Neutrino 2000, the first Low Energy Solar Neutrino (LowNu) workshop was held at Sudbury. There were presentations from groups constructing or planning low energy solar neutrino experiments----BOREXINO, KamLAND, HERON, CLEAN, Xenon, HELLAZ, LENS, GSO, and MOON. Following the 1st LowNu workshop, we will discuss more about low energy solar neutrinos in order to make low energy real time solar neutrino detectors possible. The subjects of this workshop include:

  1. physics goals of the precise measurement of the low energy solar neutrinos
  2. the progress from the constructing and planned experiments
  3. common technical problems related to the experiments, such as cleaning the detector materials, internal/external background reduction
  4. neutrino calibration sources
  5. isotope separation
  6. interconnection between the low energy solar neutrino experiments to double beta decay and dark matter experiments