Workshop hotels are listed below. The hotels are not so far from the workshop site. It is 20-30 minutes walk. Location of the following hotels can be found in the hotel map. If you want to take a taxi to the workshop site, please show the campus map to the driver.



  map from Ueno station  to the hotel 

 9975 Yen

1050 Yen

 8400 Yen
9975 Yen

945 Yen (Japanese style only)

click here
7140 Yen
11550 Yen
1365 Yen (Japanese style only) click here
9660 Yen
12075 Yen
1365 Yen click here
16632 Yen
2541 Yen click here
8715 Yen
15330 Yen
1050 Yen click here
Homeikan  (RYOKAN)
6400 Yen
11200 Yen
1000 Yen (Basically Japanese style) click here
10164 Yen
16170 Yen
1000 Yen
All the prices quoted above are in Yen and included tax and service charge, but do not include meals. The current exchange rate is approximately 108 Yen to 1 US dollar. Note also that the prices may be subject to change.
The locations of the hotels, Ueno station, and workshop site are shown in this map.
We accept requests for accommodation only from foreigners. Please fill up the registration form and submit. Japanese participants should reserve hotels for oneself. We will send confirmation of the hotel reservation. Any changes of plan after that  should be sent directly to the hotel. .
Note that RYOKAN is a Japanese style hotel.