LowNu: Solar neutrinos below 1 MeV

On the day proceeding the opening session of Neutrino2000, Thursday,
June 15, there will be a one-day workshop on experimental problems and
techniques related to detecting solar neutrinos below 1 MeV. The
purpose of this workshop is to provide an informal atmosphere in which
common experimental challenges can be discussed informally,
information can be exchanged, and future collaborations can be

The workshop will take place on the campus of Laurentian University in

If you plan to participate, and we hope very much that you will, you
should make your travel arrangements right away and notify the
co-hosts John Bahcall (jnb@ias.edu) and Yoichiro Suzuki

Here is the motivation for the workshop.

According to BP98, more than 97% of the solar neutrino flux is
predicted to lie below 1 MeV. The solar model predictions for the pp
flux and the 7Be flux are rather precise (1% and 9%, respectively).
Moreover, currently allowed oscillation solutions indicate that much
of the energy dependence and the time dependence of the survival
probabilities occurs below 1 MeV.

The gallium measurements provide crucial and accurate results, but
they only specify that the events occur somewhere above 0.2 MeV. We do
not yet have measurements of solar neutrino events with energies that
we know are below 4 MeV.

The fundamental predictions of the solar models and the oscillation
solutions deserve to be tested in the low energy region, less than 1
MeV, in which the predictions are accurate and the the oscillation
effects can be large.

Low energy solar neutrino experiments are difficult. Some of the
problems are common to all techniques. Therefore, it will be useful to
get together for a day to discuss proposed experiments and techniques.

Who will participate?

We hope that there will be presentations from all of the groups that
are planning or considering solar neutrino experiments below 1 MeV,
others. In addition, we hope to have participation and perhaps
contributions from representatives of chlorine, GNO, SAGE, SNO, and
Super-Kamiokande, since their experience is very relevant for future

The workshop is open to anyone with an interest in the experimental
challenges. Theorists are not absolutely excluded, but are warned that
the discussion will focus on techniques, on hardware, and on
background problems.

Participants are responsible for their own travel arengements, but
should notify both John Bahcall and Yoichiro Suzuki of their plans to
attend. One month before the workshop, a tentative agenda will be
posted on John Bahcall's home page and on the Super-Kamiokande home
page. We will also include a list of participants who have notified
us of there intention to attend.

John Bahcall and Yoichiro Suzuki

revised on 2000/06/28 lownu@suketto.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp