Theses on Kamiokande


"Experimental Search for Nucleon Decay",
K.Arisaka, 1985, Univ. of Tokyo

"Search for Nucleon Decays into Anti-Nutrino plus Mesons",
T.Kajita, 1986, Univ. of Tokyo

"Search for 8B Solar Neutrinos at KAMIOKANDE-II",
M.Nakahata, 1988, Univ. of Tokyo

"Search for High Energy Neutrinos from Dark matter Annihilation in the Sun",
N.Sato, 1988, Univ. of Tokyo

"An Experimental Study of the Atmospheric Neutrino Flux with Kamiokande Detector",
M.Takita, 1989, Univ. of Tokyo

"Experimental Study of upward-going muons in Kamiokande",
Y.Oyama, 1989, Univ. of Tokyo

"Experimental Study of High Energy Cosmic Ray Muons in Kamiokande-II Detector",
M.Yamada, 1990, Niigata Univ.

"Serch for Supernova Neutrinos at Kamiokande-II",
K.S.Hirata, 1991, Univ. of Tokyo

"A Solution to the Solar Neutrino Problem by Matter-Enhanced Neutrino Oscillations at Kamiokande-II",
Y.Fukuda, 1992, Osaka University

"Study on the Cosmic Dark Matter with upward-going muons at Kamiokande",
H.Takei, 1992, Niigata Univ.

"An Experimental Study on the $^8$B Solar Neutrino Flux in the Kamiokande-II Detector",
K.Kihara, 1992, Univ. of Tokyo

"Measurement of Neutrinos and Search for Anti-Neutrinos from the Sun at Kamiokande",
K.Inoue, 1993, Univ. of Tokyo

"Search for Nucleon Decay of SO(10) GUT ",
K.Kaneyuki, 1993, Osaka Univ.

"Measurement of Solar Neutrinos from One Thousand Days of Data at Kamiokande-III",
Y.Takeuchi, 1995, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.
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