Bus Timetable


  • The limited express train Hida is temporally stopped by the end of Novemeber 2018, due to the landslide.
  • The last bus from Inotani to Mozumi has been unavailable from October 1st, 2015. The new time table has been updated.(April 1st, 2018) Please check it before taking the bus.

About Bus ID

  • N: Nohi-bus (1360 yen for Toyama-Mozumi, 200 yen for Inotani Station-Mozumi)
  • T: Toyama-chihou-tetsudou (1360 yen for Toyama-Mozumi, 200 yen for Inotani-Mozumi)
  • No service on Dec 29, Jan 1,2,3 for some buses.

See Bottom of this page for bus stop information.
Please be careful not to mistake for "Inotani-Station Bus Stop" and "Inotani Bus Stop".


Toyama to Mozumi [pdf]


Mozumi to Toyama [pdf]

Photo and Map of bus stop

Inotani bus stop [Note] Some buses stop at "Inotani-Station Bus Stop".

Mozumi bus stop

Higashi-Mozumi 456, Kamioka-cho, Hida-city Gifu 506-1205, Japan

0578-85-2116, 0578-85-9620 (Office)

0578-85-2121, 0578-85-9640