Bus Timetable


  • The new time table has been updated.(April 1st, 2019) Please check it before taking the bus.

About Bus ID

  • N: Nohi-bus (1360 yen for Toyama-Mozumi, 200 yen for Inotani Station-Mozumi)
  • T:Toyama-chihou-tetsudou (1360 yen for Toyama-Mozumi, 200 yen for Inotani-Mozumi)
  • No service on Dec 29, Jan 1,2,3 for some buses.

See Bottom of this page for bus stop information.
Please be careful not to mistake for "Inotani-Station Bus Stop" and "Inotani Bus Stop".


Toyama to Mozumi [pdf]


Mozumi to Toyama [pdf]

Photo and Map of bus stop

Inotani bus stop [Note] Some buses stop at "Inotani-Station Bus Stop".

Mozumi bus stop

Higashi-Mozumi 456, Kamioka-cho, Hida-city Gifu 506-1205, Japan

0578-85-2116, 0578-85-9620 (Office)

0578-85-2121, 0578-85-9640